Council Meeting, November 1045

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Council Meeting, November 1045 Empty Council Meeting, November 1045

Post by Gamemaster on Sun Nov 20, 2016 7:32 pm

A night of November the Council meets in the drawing room of the Grand Manor. The room is lit by several fires to keep away the damp and six of the nine Council members are present. The Triumvirate, Treasurer Beliss, General Manderson, and High Priest Christodol. The conversation quickly turns towards the urgent matters of state.

BELISS: The Smithy can easily be re-purposed as a foundry. Claim the northern hills as your lawful territory and designate it a mine. The merchant boats will jump at the opportunity to carry metal downriver to the foundry on their own accord, with no additional cost to us. And it is true, we do not have the infrastructure to take care of the waste of the foundry. It will have to be dumped into the river. But the population will quickly forget this indiscretion if we announce a new housing project at the same time...

CHRISTODOL: A very ambitious plan, to be sure, Lord Beliss. But I hardly think we have the funds for it.

BELISS: I am sure our benevolent Lords can... invest some of their private resources to this endeavour. They have only to gain from it.

MANDERSON: This will consume all our resources! This is no time to leave the newborn capital defenseless! We have to raise an army! Now!

BELISS: Surely, two small units of local militia will keep the peace just as well as an army, my Lord.

MANDERSON: The Tyrol Monarchy has 500 battle worthy men. And they are right on our doorstep.

BELISS: I see no real threat. The magic of August Razgriz can save the City in such an occasion.

MANDERSON: The City? Yes. But not the people! How many of these people can we afford to lose?

BELISS: Every good ruler knows when to gamble.

CHRISTODOL: With the lives of men, Lord Treasurer?

BELISS: Just with the lives of peasants, your holiness.

CHRISTODOL: I implore you, my Lords, to consider a more modest approach. Send envoys to the Tyrol Monarchy. Hire explorers to validate the safety of these... prospective mines. And with a small--negligible in truth--token of resources, build a Shrine to Paletius and pray for His blessing in all your future endeavours.

Lord Beliss rolls his eyes and the General falls silent. The Council meeting is over, and the Triumvirate must weigh their options carefully, for the sake of us all.

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Council Meeting, November 1045 Empty Re: Council Meeting, November 1045

Post by Margaret Medwynn on Thu Dec 15, 2016 4:40 pm

Pyotr Beliss! I must ask you to apologize before the council for implying that the peasants are lower beings.
Also know that, as a member of the council, your morality is evaluated as much as your skill.
Any kind of Racism and Fanaticism would not be tolerated in our republic.
Margaret Medwynn
Margaret Medwynn

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