Council Meeting, January 1046

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Council Meeting, January 1046 Empty Council Meeting, January 1046

Post by Gamemaster on Fri Jan 13, 2017 11:04 am

The Council's drawing room is deathly quiet. Everyone is stealing glances at the somber elf Lord sitting in a sumptuous recliner with the unperturbed grace of a large cat. The servants finally withdraw and the High Priest breaks the silence:

CHRISTODOL: Ludwigg is alive. I took the liberty of paying him a formal visit with my retinue. It would be... I mean to say, it seemed appropriate...

UDINA: No, no, you did well. He has been lobbying to earn the sympathies of the senate. If he's ever successful, we had better not allow him to keep any grudges against us.

BELISS: You speak as though we have decided to grant him permission to stay. We have not.

There is an awkward pause. Members of the Council look at Christodol inquisitively. It has not yet been ruled out that the High Priest had perhaps allowed himself to be abducted by the Lord General.

BELISS: We need to decide the fate of General Manderson. Members of the Senate have requested his death. Others have requested that he be exiled. Few have advocated that he be pardoned. They are at each others' throats. If they have not reached a consensus by the end of the month--and they won't have--by law the Council will have to make the choice for them.

CHRISTODOL: We also have to choose a great project to take advantage of the Mason's Guild's sudden growth! A grand temple is certainly a priority, I have to say.

The council turn towards the Triumvirate for wisdom.

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