Council Meeting, December 1045

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Council Meeting, December 1045 Empty Council Meeting, December 1045

Post by Gamemaster on Thu Dec 08, 2016 5:13 pm

A cold December night the Council meets once again in the drawing room of the Grand Manor. The room is lit by several fires and bloodwine is served promptly, hot, in silver thimble-cups. All nine Council members are present. The Triumvirate, Treasurer Beliss, Grand Diplomat Udina, High Priest Christodol, General Manderson, Warden Westmoore, and Marshal Martinor. The conversation quickly turns towards the urgent matters of state.

Westmoore: I advise against accepting the delegates of the Tyrol embassy into the city. The people hate the Tyrols, my Lords. The people will not take kindly to their presence.

Beliss: The people will get used to it. And that will be for the better. These old enmities are better forgotten.

Manderson: Yes... I suppose so.

Westmoore: Manderson?!

Manderson: It is the truth, Clint. Edamion's eye is fixed on the Republic. Even if we send away his envoys and begin to amass an army right this moment, there's no guarantee that we'll be ready if he chooses to turn against us. Perhaps... Perhaps it would be better to give him reasons not to consider us a threat.

Martinor: What if we... killed the envoys.

A long, uncomfortable silence spreads in the room.

Martinor: Jon could do it. If we asked. It would take months for Edamion to realize what has truly happened to them.

Manderson: That is hardly honorable.

Martinor: I never said it was honorable. I only said it might be practical.

Udina: I should think we can delay the inevitable--whatever that may be--for a little while longer. Entrust the envoys to me. I'll take them out to the Hills, show them the beacon. Perhaps journey across the river to show them the lands of our future endeavors. It will cost a bit of money, certainly. But perhaps with that little bit of effort and resources, we might be able to buy precious time to make up our minds.

Christodol: Might I suggest finally making a worthy offering to Paletius? This conundrum might be a fine time to turn towards the true light of the God of Scholarship!

Lord Beliss rolls his eyes and the General falls silent. The Council meeting is over, and the Triumvirate must weigh their options carefully, for the sake of us all.

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Council Meeting, December 1045 Empty Re: Council Meeting, December 1045

Post by Razgriz on Wed Dec 21, 2016 5:52 pm

Some time, later, in the Magister's private quarters...

The door squeaks, and Grand Diplomat Udina walks in, accompanied by Jacques BaĆ¼r. From across the dark room, Razgriz is operating on his alchemy table. The chemical reactions from his concoctions are the only light source in the whole chamber, illuminating the sharp metallic features on his face.

Razgriz: Grand Diplomat.. Warm salutations. Wouldst thou care to sample my latest batch? I do assure thee, the berries are quite edible and nourishing. But I did not invite thee merely for conversation. I have scrutinized reports from the kingdom of Tyr most carefully.. Art thou a rumors person, Grand Diplomat? I heard the most intriguing things about the nature of that kingdom's ruler.. Naught but hearsay of course, and I would not debase myself by drawing such outrageous conclusions by mere tales.. But he is quite the lively ruler, as thou no doubt hast noticed.

A violent reaction erupts from one of the flasks, briefly revealing the Magister's folded but still imposing wings.

Razgriz: People of such violent tendencies are to be handled with care. I would elect not to antagonize this powerful individual, unlike the Marshal. I would satisfy any curiosity he might have about our Republic, demonstrate to him that this is a peaceful land, its inhabitants kind. To that end, I aim to support thine proposal to the High Council. I would even appoint Jacques as thine personal bodyguard for this endeavor, that the Grand Diplomat of Gutenbeere and the ambassador's entourage face no danger during thy walkabouts.

Jacques briefly touches his glowing magical sword, a blue light emitting from it in a flash, then fading out.

Razgriz: Tis a mission of quite some importance thou are tasked with. I would advise thee not to boast exaggerations during thy time with the ambassador. Should thou choose to.. Thou may accompany them to the beacon recently discovered, but kindly remember that you gaze upon merely a decorative trinket.. A leftover from ancient times. If it was of aught use to anyone..'twas in the long ago past. Take the company from Tyr to our countryside, to our plains.. Show them where our people might build farms, raise livestock and live uneventful, peaceful lives. Tend to their needs, thou shalt be compensated for any spendings, but do not attempt to impress with rich offerings. I shall personally propose this to the Triumverate, and we shall call for thee in the coming days to publicly support thine endeavor. Thou may go.

After Udina departs Jacques remains in the room. Razgriz flicks his fingers and the chamber lights up faintly. He mutters:

Razgriz: Didn't expect the blighters to arrive so quickly.. Ain't nuffin' good comin' out these rats' mouths, I tell you what, Jacky-boy. Sorry to tie you up with that lot, but I needs me an eye on that Udina. Make sure he don't spout no nonsense, we can't afford braggin' to a bigshot just now. Maybe they'll get bored and bugger off. We do the ol' "power display" later, when we gots the resources. Oh there's sumfin else I was wantin' to check, rumors really but ya never know.. While you takin' the lot o'er to the plains, kindly keep an eye out for any ol' books ye find, hear me? Heard there's some merchant group treadin' down them roads, pretend yer an "inquirin' customer". Aether will sniff out anyfin magicol, and will let ye know. Again, I know it's a bloody borin' thing playing bodyguard, but that's ya -secondary- task, got that? Puck will keep an eye out in the city so don't ya worry about a fing here. I'll keep ya posted.

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