The Tyrol Ambassador requests an audience

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The Tyrol Ambassador requests an audience Empty The Tyrol Ambassador requests an audience

Post by Gamemaster on Wed Dec 07, 2016 8:45 pm

The Ambassador of the Tyrol Monarchy is a foppish man dressed entirely in silver and burgundy silks, with an excessive assortment of long bows, tails and ribbons reaching all the way down to the ground. The fact that he does not trip over his own sleeves is undoubtedly sign of a man of noble breeding and a significant modicum of dexterity. A servant announces him as Ludwigg of Tyrr di Lok.

"Oh, you most august Lords of the Republic, I am honored to finally be in your resplendent, most sonorous presence! You must forgive my provincial ignorance, for I have elected to leave my entourage outside the city as I did not know if it is agreeable with protocol to bring them with me!" he laughed. "Oh, you know! A party of odalisques (only the most gorgeous creatures you have ever laid eyes upon) and a famous Bard (Jarec Leidwic, you know the one!) and of course, oh, of course, her Lady of Jaidokai, Sylda Silvertongue, the sweet sparrow of the Emerald Spires! How she sings my Lords!" the man came to a halt, just long enough to sniffle and dab his nose with the back of his outrageous sleeve. "She had wanted to meet you, for the longest time. She sings most beautifully and had intended that to be her gift to you. You see, she intends to stay here, with me, for as long as you'd have us. With your servants' acquiescence, I have carried over some documents that elaborate on that suggestion--I hope you do not find that too presumptuous!"

A pair of servants emerge from the corridor, carrying an armful of scrolls each. Your jurists receive the documents and begin studying them in earnest. The proposal seems to be as follows:

The Tyrol Monarchy requests your permission to establish an Embassy in the city of Gutenbeere. Per this embassy agreement the Tyrol Monarchy will acquire the land to build a Noble Villa to use as an embassy (granting Ludwigg the use of it as a residence) and gain the respective benefits from that type of building. The Republic of Gutenbeere is granted permission to do the same in one of the Tyrol Settlements (the City of Tyrr, Jaidokai, or Leiburg). For all intents and purposes this embassy is considered Tyrol territory.

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The Tyrol Ambassador requests an audience Empty Re: The Tyrol Ambassador requests an audience

Post by Margaret Medwynn on Thu Dec 15, 2016 4:10 pm

Mr . Ludwigg, thank you for honoring us with your visit.
We will examine your request, to see whether it satisfies our mutual interest
We will respond you as soon as possible.
Margaret Medwynn
Margaret Medwynn

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